Anónimo: Could you write some cs true love kiss smut, for the impending angst


I already wrote smut today. So you’ll get True Love’s Kiss without smut. I hope that’s okay. :-)


He is cold. So cold.

Ice crystals are clinging to his beard, his face pale, almost ice blue.

And he is so cold.

"Emma?" She hears Mary Margaret call out but she doesn’t react. She can’t believe he is really lying frozen in front of her.

This can’t happen. She can’t lose him. Not him too.

"Emma, he is gone."

Her mother’s voice again, but she just shrugs her shoulders. She doesn’t want to be touched right now. And he is not gone. He can’t be.

This is not happening. He would never leave her. Not he. Never.

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"The story is incredibly unexpected. What they reveal about part of her past is something that I didn’t see coming, but I think it really adds a layer of depth to the storytelling that’s going to bring people even closer to the edge of their seats."
Jennifer Morrison on Emma’s past [x] (via aurore59)

September 22


I think we all need to realise that despite the constant wearing of crop tops, we will never see taylorswift's belly button, because she was sent down directly from heaven, and doesn't have one.