20 years from now
  • Daughter: Hey dad I like this book-
  • Me: Omg im sorry, so sorry.
  • Daughter: Sorry for wh-
  • Me: I called you teachers.
  • Daughter: Why are y-
  • Me: To let them know your grades will be dropping.
  • Daughter: Why will-
  • Me: Im afraid it's all down hill from here.
  • Daughter: What are you talking ab-
  • Me: You might as well say good bye to your friends.
  • Daughter: But I-
  • Me: You want me to help you with your tumblr blog?
  • Daughter: I don't have a tumblr bl-
  • Me: You will.
  • Daughter: But-
  • Me: Shhh,it's already done, there's no going back.
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